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Release v5.4.4 (with details)

Tom Metz -

[axof:438] Viewing past schedule assignments
[axof:437] Decrease wait-time required between PDF Setlist builds
[axof:441] Notify master account and finance emails when auto-renewal fails


Viewing Past Schedule Assignments

FINALLY, you can view multiple past services in the People Scheduling page.  Services in the past will have a grey shading to help you remember they are in the past.  A couple things to note about past services in the People Scheduling page:

  1. When you click the "Load Past" button, the number of past weeks it loads is based on the Display Options setting of the number of "future weeks of services to display on page load".
  2. You can assign people to roles in past services, and even set their status to whatever you'd like.  This is a great way to document last minute substitutions or fill-ins.
  3. You cannot send notifications of past assignments.



Decreased Wait-Time with PDF Setlist Builder

You now no longer have to wait 60 seconds between builds of PDF Setlists (to be used as virtual sheet music).  The wait time has been reduced to 5 seconds.


Auto-Renewal Failure Notifications

If our credit card processor runs into problems auto-renewing your account, we will notify the master account and finance personnel (if an email has been provided), in addition to the email address used to set up the auto-renewal.



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    Greg Denney

    I noticed this change immediately as I was planning the next set of schedule requests.  Great feature!  Already has helped my planning. Thanks!

  • 0
    Tom Metz

    Thanks for the feedback, Greg!  Glad it is helpful to you.

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    Lacy Dyck

    Ha ha! Yesterday I was desperately clicking on the "Load Past" button with no results. Now it makes sense!! Thanks for making it available. That'll definitely help me in the future. 

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    Tom Metz

    Thanks Judy!  There was small glitch with that button yesterday morning that affected a handful of users.  It was resolved before lunch.  We were hoping to fix it before anyone noticed, but apparently we weren't fast enough! :)

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