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Presentation Slides

Mary Webster - has partnered with Proclaim Church Presentation Software to allow easy creation of presentation slides from your worship flow details in Proclaim is a powerful, yet easy to use, application that helps build your slides, find awesome media, and present the slides to your screen(s).

Click here to try Proclaim free for 30-days. This link will also show you a one minute video on how the integration works.

We also suggest you take a look at the support article published on Proclaim's support site.


Here are the steps (described in the video):

  1. Create your worship flow in, being sure to the songs have the appropriate lyrics.  Use the Song Mapping feature to indicate how the song is going to be performed.
  2. Open Proclaim and navigate to File (menu option) >> Import Presentation >>
  3. If you have not yet integrated, you'll be prompted to click a link and enter your credentials.
  4. A list of services created in will appear.  Select the desired worship service for which you wish to create slides.
  5. Use the options on the right side of the import dialog to "Import songs only" and/or "Prefer lyrics from
  6. Click "Import".

Once this is done, you'll see the new slides created based on your worship flow in  You can use the "Song Map" field in Proclaim to manage the slides more easily.

If you have "Prefer lyrics from" checked during import, the following logic will be applied to the lyrics that WP sends across:

  1. If a song mapping is specified for that song for the service, that mapping is used.
  2. Otherwise - If a song mapping is specified just for the song, that mapping is used.
  3. Otherwise - Raw lyrics are passed over.



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