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Indicating Key Modulation

Mary Webster -

If the ending key of a song will be different from its starting key, you can easily indicate this in the worship flow.  Just click on the key that is currently set for the song in the worship flow (or the "b/#" icon), then set your starting and ending keys.



You can also specify key modulation for the song in your library (by editing the song).  When it is set for the song in your library, those keys will be used by default when adding the song to any services.


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    William W Smith

    How do we indicate an arrangement that is in more than one key?  Do we duplicate the song.  Then can we link songs together so that we can keep up with usage?  I am probably not making much since.  In another app I have, we type FrG if the song is in more than one key.  If it has a modulation we type F-G or F/G.  Worshipplanning will not allow FrG, so how do we indicate that we have the printed song in two different keys?

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