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Tom Metz -

Summary of this release:

This was mostly bug fixes from release 5.4.5.  The one new feature is the ability to add vertical lines in the standard printout (in the format print panel).


  • Added "Done" checkmark icon for key changes
  • Fixed - Print Lyrics Icon Broken
  • Fixed - "minor" indicator being added in Standard Printout - Sometimes
  • Fixed - Standard Printout Export to Word Not Working
  • Fixed - Changing key to "None" doesn't save ending key as "none"
  • Fixed - "Last Performed" filed in songs dialog is incorrect
  • Fixed - Can't Create Songs On The Fly
  • Fixed - Viewing/Editing Song when Belonging to 1 Songbook caused error
  • Fixed - False "Possible Duplicate" Song Warning?
  • Fixed - Can't Set Ending Key when using Touch device
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    Karen Fleming

    Still getting the minor indicator added to final key in the "Standard" printout as of 2:08 PM, EST March 7, 2017

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