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Church Community Builder Integration

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With the roll out of version of churches have the ability to integrate their CCB account with  To authorize an integration, please follow the WP-CCB Integration Guide.  The follow describes how the integration works at the time of this writing (deeper integrations are in expected in the near future).  A large portion of the information is found in the integration guide.


Linked User Accounts

User accounts in CCB and WP can be link such that when basic information about each user is updated in either system, those updates are replicated in the opposite system.  For example, if you update the home phone number of John Doe in, and John has a linked account in CCB, his updated home phone number will be replicated to CCB.  The following information is replicated between WP and CCB:

  • First, middle, and last names
  • Email address
  • Phone numbers (home, work cell)
  • Birthday


How Accounts Are Linked

There are several ways accounts can be linked, depending on if the user has an account in either or both systems.

  • Importing multiple people from CCB (to create new WP users)
  • Linking existing CCB users with existing WP users
  • Linking users individually

Most linking and unlinking takes place on the People page in, and the options only show once the integration with CCB has been set up.


Importing Multiple People from CCB

Just below the “Change Integrated CCB Account” button on the page that shows after you complete the integration page, you’ll see an “Import people from CCB” link.  You can either click this link, or in the future, access the import tool by going to the People >> People  page, then click the appropriate import button on the left side, then follow the steps.


Linking CCB Users with Existing WP Users

If your church's WP account is already populated with people, and you just wish to link your existing WP users to people in CCB, use the appropriate “Link” button on the People >> People page:

With this tool, WP will look for people with the same email address in your CCB account and allow you to select which CCB person should be linked with each WP user you have. Once the link is established, changes to that person’s information (name, email, phone numbers, or birthday) in one system will be synchronized to the other system.


Linking Users Individually

To tell if a WP user is currently linked to a CCB user, look for the little CCB icon near their name:

When editing a user that is not already “linked”, you can use the “Link” button on the Edit User window to find a match in CCB and link them:


Be sure to click “Save” after you’ve linked them.


If you’re adding a new user in WP, the system will automatically try to find a matching person for you based on name and email address.  As you enter this info, a window may appears, showing you possible matches.  Just select the desired match and that person’s info from CCB will populate the Add User dialog in WP.

If the person doesn’t exist yet in CCB, you can select “none of these” and you’ll be given the option to have WP create them in CCB as they are being added to WP.  Whether adding to CCB new, or adding them to WP as an individual import from CCB, that user will be linked to CCB.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What information is synced between the two systems?
    Name (first, middle, last), email, phone numbers (home, work, cell), and birthday.

  2. How often does is data synced?
    When someone opens the “edit” window for a user in WP that is linked to a person in CCB, the sync process runs before the edit fields show.  This helps reduce update conflicts between CCB and WP.  When the edits to that user (in WP) are complete and being saved to WP, they will also saved to CCB.  Finally, a process runs every three hours to sync data both directions between CCB and WP.

  3. Can new users and CCB be “pushed” to WP?
    Not at this time.  Currently, all users can only be “pushed” or “pulled” to/from WP.

  4. Can any other data be synchronized between CCB and WP?
    Not right now, but we are hopefully future phases of the integration between CCB and WP will lead to more data being linked and synchronized.

  5. What happens if a user’s email address is changed in CCB? Is that changed synced WP, and won’t that be a problem with the user trying to log in?
    If the email address of a WP user is changed due to an update from CCB, WP will send an email to the old email address letting them know of the update, and instructing them of any changes to their login credentials.  Their password will not change.

  6. Will a syncing of users ever result in someone being deleted?
    No.  If a user is deleted in either WP or CCB, they are not also deleted from the other system.  The link between the two is broken, however (obviously).

  7. When user accounts are initially linked with the multi-user linking tool, how is it decided which data for each user will “prevail”?
    You get to control that.  The default is that the most recently updated record will be used.  However, you can also choose for WP data to always prevail, or CCB data to always prevail.  Regardless of which option you choose, a blank field will not overwrite a field with data in it.

  8. Can I “unlink” a user?
    Yes, you can.  It is not advised that you do this, but if you have a need for some reason, this can be done on the “edit user” window in WP.


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