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Releases -

Mary Webster -

This notes covers the three releases that have occurred since 5.4.7 in late May.  Many of the updates made in these releases were changes for various marketing campaigns (the details of which won't be listed here).

  • New calendar feed for church-wide events (calendar feed for individual assignments has been around for a while).
  • Sign-up page modified to required fewer fields and made more efficient for mobile devices
  • Added "Sign-up and pay immediately" option for those wanting to skip the trial
  • Correct drifting notification time for the "Pending Response Notification"
  • Mobile web app now will allow audio files to play without shutting off when the screen turns off.
  • Adjusted assignment response buttons to fit better in mobile email screens
  • Moved the "terms and conditions" to be per user, not just per church (acknowledged only by the master account upon sign-up).
  • Update to use latest FaceBook API version
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