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Managing User Accounts

Tom Metz -

User accounts are managed on the Planners and Helpers tabs found by clicking on the People navigation link. Security level 3 is required to manage Planners. Level 2 Planners and Team Leaders (of any security level) can manage Helper accounts.

Planners and Helpers can be converted back and forth as necessary using the “Convert” tool found on the Planners tab and the Helpers tab under the "action" menu on the right side of the tab's header section.  Security level 3 is required to convert Planners to/from Helpers.

The Master Account cannot be deleted, but the account designated as a master account can be first changed, then the previous master account can be changed. To view more information on the Master Account see the Master Account Help Topic.

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    Eric Depew

    I don't see a "Planners and Helpers" tab. How do I change one person from one to the other?

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    Day Dosch

    Hi Eric,

    To the left, you should see a green button "Convert User Types". When you click that, you will choose whether you want to change a helper to a planner vs. a planner to a helper, then choose the person, and follow the prompts. See attached screenshot: Note that you can have unlimited helpers, but you have only 1 more slot for a planner (limit of 10 on the silver plan). Let me know if you have any trouble!


    Convert Users.PNG
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    Joni Yee

    Is this ability visible on the trial version too? 

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    Tom Metz

    Hi Joni.  This feature is absolutely available in trial accounts.  Let us know if we can help with anything else.

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