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Adding Users

Mary Webster -

People that use WP have either a Planner account or a Helper account. Planners are people that plan service details and/or schedule volunteers to serve. These people typically are worship leaders, members of the worship planning team, and other ministry team leaders. Helpers are usually your volunteers. They typically don't contribute to the planning process, but do have access to the details of services they are scheduled to serve.

To add a user to your church account:

  1. Hover on the People navigation link across the top until a drop down menu opens

  2. If adding a Planner, click the New Planner link (this option will only be visible to security level 3 Planners)

  3. To add a Helper, click the New Helper link (this option will only be visible to security level 2 and high, and leaders of teams where the Team is configured to allow leaders of any security level add Helper accounts.
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