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Message Board

Mary Webster -

The WP Message Board allows you to create multiple discussion "threads" for your teams (Planners and Helpers). Access to each thread can be configured to allow specific people to read, others to read and post, and others to not have access to it at all.  Users with read access can subscribe to a discussion, which means they will be notified via email (and possibly text message - if configured) when a message is posted to that discussion.

Begin by clicking on the Msg Board navigation link once you've logged in to WP.  Next, click the New Discussion link.  Fill in the form and click the Create Discussion button.  To post your first message to the discussion, click on the discussion title and post a message.

WP allows security level 3 Planners to set the minimum security level permitted to create new discussions.  This setting can be modified on the Church Account Setting page (Account >> Church Account Settings).

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    Brian Flanagan

    Just a suggestion for improving the site...

    I noticed that you can associate message threads with "Planners" and "Helpers", as well as with specific services.  It would be great if they could be associated with Teams and Team Leaders as well.

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    Test Person

    Hi Brian-

    Thanks for this suggestion. Right now, you can add groups of users by roles/skills, but as you said, not by teams. I'll pass this on to our development team! We appreciate your feedback!


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