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Downloading Files

Mary Webster -

Files that have been uploaded to your church's account can be downloaded by all Planners, and by Helpers that have been given access.

If your account has been given access, you can download any file in WP by clicking on the file name itself. With certain file types, your web browser will try to save you time by opening the file right in the browser (usually in a new tab), using a its built-in viewer. Exactly which files the browser does this with is dependent on the software you have installed and settings configured with the browser. PDF is a pretty common file type, so I believe most browsers will try to open this by default. Keep in mind, this "convenience" is in fact downloading the file. It's just also opening it, which can make it seem like it's not really being downloaded. And to make it more confusing, sometimes the browser will hide the downloaded file (or delete the file when you close the tab it automatically opens). Usually, there is an icon to "download" in the browser viewer of the document ( ). This icon is really just giving you the option to save the downloaded file to a place you can more easily find.

To prevent your browser from trying to use its own viewer for that file type, you can right click on the file name and choose to "save as" (exact wording varies from browser to browser). You'll then be prompted by your browser to save the file somewhere, and can open it in another program that way.

Files that can be downloaded will appear as links. If the file is of type MP3 and has been set to be "stream" (as designated by the Planner who uploaded the file), an MP3 Player window will pop up to allow the MP3 to be played right from These files cannot be downloaded and saved to the Helper's local computer.

All other file types (and MP3s that are NOT set to be stream-only) will be simply be downloaded in accordance with how the Helper's web browser is configured. Many browsers are set to open certain file types right in the browser window. For example, Internet Explorer will typically open .jpg (picture) files in the browser rather than download them. If your browser is set to open the file in the browser, you can download instead by right-clicking the file.

Helpers Specifically

Here is a description of how Helpers can have access to uploaded files (via the MyWP website): 

    • Service Files - Helpers that are scheduled to serve for a particular service have access to files attached to that service. The files can be found by clicking on the Files tab of a service assignment.
    • Song Files (limited access) - Helpers that are scheduled to serve for a particular service have access to files of songs scheduled to be performed for that service. The files can be found by clicking on the "Files" tab of a service assignment.  
    • Song Files (full library) - Helpers can be granted access to the entire library of songs for their church. This includes all song library details, as well as files attached to songs. Helpers can access the songs library by logging in to MyWP, clicking on the Library navigation link, then clicking on the desired song. If there are files attached to the song, an "Attached Files" link will appear in the pop-up menu. To grant such access, edit the Helper and check the "Can access entire Songs Library (including song file access)" option.  Click here to view a 20 second demo.
    • Team Files - Helpers can access files attached to any teams that he or she is a member of. To access team files, the Helper must log in to MyWP, click on the "Download files" link in the lower right panel on the home page.  Alternatively, the Helper can click on the People navigation link, select the desired team tab, then the File tab.

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    Aaron Blake

    I'm wondering why I keep getting an error message when I try to download some of my songs that I have uploaded as PDF. Any thoughts?

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