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Song Library Overview

Mary Webster -

The Songs Library in WP is the place where your church builds its own compilation of music performed during worship services.  Songs in your library can then be included in the worship flow of services.  As you include songs in your worship flow, all the associated song details and files are linked in as well, thus making it very easy for the worship team to access all the information they need.

For each song, you can specify an array of details, including:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Copyright Year
  • CCLI Number
  • Theme/Category (for searching purposes)
  • Lifecycle Stage
  • Key
  • Tempo
  • Capo
  • Hymn Number
  • Duration
  • Streaming Web Address
  • Purchase Web Address
  • Reference Web Address
  • Songbooks
  • Lyrics
  • Notes
  • Attached files

There is no limit to the number of songs you can have in your church's library.  Songs can be easily searched and sorted by a variety of criteria.  You can also organize songs into Songbooks.  And there several ways songs can be added to your songs library.

As songs are scheduled and performed at your church, usage reports make it easy to see the history songs.

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    Derek Barolet

    Is there a way to print off the whole library without going through each song one by one?

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    Mary Webster

    Hi Derek.  One way you can print all the songs is by configuring the Songs Library view (using the "Show Fields" option in the top left of the songs table) to show the fields you want printed, then use the Print or Export icons under the "Actions" menu in the upper right area of the page.  Give that a try and let me know how you do.

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    Brandon Jamison

    Can we input our own lifecycle stages?  I don't see where I can do this if so.

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    Mary Webster

    Hi Brandon.  At this point, those LifeCycle stages are fixed to what they are.  We are looking at adding that flexibility in the future, but I can't promise a time at this point.

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    Melinda Bertoni

    Is there a way to input our own Category/Themes?  

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    John McLoughlin

    How do we get capo and tempo to print out on the songs printed using the set list feature?

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    Danny Hamilton

    how do I do a usage report?  I just want to print oft titles of songs done in a period , say the past 12 months.

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    Test Person

    Hi Danny, to get a songs usage reports, take the following steps:

    1. Go to Library >> Songs Library
    2. Click the "Song Usage Statistics" under the "Songs" tab
    3. Set the date range for the reporting period and change the "Your Top XX Songs" option to be "All"
    4. Click the Update button
    The list generated below will list all songs scheduled in the worship flow during that period, along with the count (number of times scheduled) and the CCLI number, if available.
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    Jackie Lewis

    Can you retrieve songs that were deleted from the library by accident?  

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    Brandi Spurgin

    How do you record different page numbers across different Song Books?  For example, the same song is in the Gather Comprehensive Hymnal (#123) and in the Spirit Song First Edition (#234).

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