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Adding Songs to Your Library

Tom Metz -

There are a number of ways you can quickly build your songs library.  

Popular Songs Library

The first and fastest is to browse our "Popular Songs" library, which is a list of the 1500 most popular songs in  For most songs, we provide the title, author(s), copyright year, publishing label, Spotify link, YouTube music video link, and Amazon MP3 purchase page.  For copyright reasons, we are not permitted to provide information such as lyrics.  However, you certainly can add them, and any other details about the song.  For a listing of all the song details that can be added, see the Songs Library Overview article.

Import From CCLI SongSelect

If you have an account for CCLI SongSelect, we provide you the steps for logging into their website, finding a song, exporting a song details, and importing those details into your account.  The steps to accomplish this are presented as soon as you click on the "Import SongSelect" button on the Songs Library page.  You can also search and import SongSelect songs on the worship flow editor.

Import From Rockin With The Cross

If you have a Rockin With The Cross subscription, you can search and import any song from their library to your music library on your account.  The integration works similarly to SongSelect.

Adding Songs Manually

Adding a song manually is the most straight-forward way of getting a song into your library.  Simply click the "Add a New Song Manually" button on the Songs Library page, and you'll be presented with fields for all the possible details.  When typing in the song title, will attempt to match the song title with the songs in our Popular Songs library.  Select a match, and WP will fill in the details it can.  Keep in mind, only the Song Title is required for to create an entry in your library.

Adding On-The-Fly

When specifying the details of your worship flow, if the desired song is not already in your library, you can simply type the new song title and will create a new song for you on-the-fly.  You'll then be taken to a page where you can enter more details about the song (if you wish) before you are returned to the worship flow.

Importing From CSV File

This feature allows you to import a large number of songs at once using a CSV (comma separated value) template file that we can provide.  If you are interested in this option, contact us.

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    Terrie Elmore

    can you add multiple songs?

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    Tom Metz

    Hi Terrie.  I'm not exactly certain what your question is, but I'm pretty sure the answer is "Yes".  You can add multiple songs to your library at once, from the Popular Songs list, song import, and CCLI Song Select.  You can associate multiple files with songs.  And you can put multiple songs in your worship flow.  Does that answer your question?

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    Edward Mori

    Can a folder of songs be imported and do they need to be in a specific format?

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    Tom Metz

    Hi Edward.  No, right now songs can only be added using the methods mentioned above.  If you are looking to upload files, you can do so one at a time via drag-n-drop (using Chrome), or by selecting them via your browser file selection interface.

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    Dana Daniels

    How do I get the YOUTUBE link to show up for the members? I added it but do not see them listed. Please help.

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