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SongSelect™ Integration

Tom Metz -

If your church has a CCLI SongSelect account, you can integrate it with your account either for specific individuals, or at the church level.  Integration with individual accounts has been around since version 4 of WP.  Integration at the church level was added with version 5.4.0, and makes SongSelect access available to all planners with security level "Worship Editor" (aka level "2") at your church.

The advantage to integrating at the church level is that it's more convenient for you and your worship editors to set up.  The draw back is that you may not want all planners of "worship editor" security level to have access to the SongSelect resources, or you may want to track with greater granularity how each of your worship editors are using SongSelect.  If each worship editor is integrated individually with their own SongSelect login, resource utilization information is accessible from within the SongSelect site.

The easiest way to integrate is to go to the worship flow page for any service, then click on the SongSelect icon in the Songs panel on the left side.  If no integration has been set up, you'll see an "Integrate" button.  Click it, and if you are an account admin, you'll be prompted for which type of integration you'd like, then taken to the SongSelect authorization page.  If you are not an account admin, you'll be taken by default to the individual integration page.

To integrate your account another way (or if you want to change any of the integrations), you can do the following:

  • Individual Integration - Log in as the planner needing the integration, then navigation to Account >> My Profile >> SongSelect Integration


  • Church-level Integration - Log in as an account admin, then navigate to Account >> Church Account Settings >> Integrations tab


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