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Adding WPM Shortcut to Android and iPhone/Pod/Pad Home screens

Tom Metz -

To add a shortcut to Mobile to your mobile device home screen:


  1. Launch Browser
  2. Go to Mobile ( and be sure you've signed in
  3. Press your device's < Menu > button
  4. Select Add bookmark to bookmark the page (if it is not already bookmarked)
  5. Press your device's < Home > button, then press the < Menu > button
  6. Select Add > Shortcut > Bookmark
  7. Find 'WorshipPlanning' (or whatever you originally named the bookmark) and select it
  8. A new icon appears on your home screen



  1. Launch Mobile Safari
  2. Go to (or and be sure you've signed in
  3. Tap the "share" arrow icon at the bottom of your screen
  4. Select Add to Home Screen
  5. Update the name & tap Add to confirm
  6. A new icon will then appear on your home screen
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    Angie Walston


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    Tom Metz

    You're welcome, Angie!

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    Chad Smith

    oh wow...this seems to work much smoother than the actual App... :)   

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    Tom Metz

    Glad it is working well for you, Chad!

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