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Hiding Mod By Column in Service Flow

Mary Webster -

The "Mod By" column in the service flow grid shows you who last modified the specific worship element. This column can be hidden to conserve screen space. To do so:

  1. Hover on the Account link under your profile name
  2. Click the Church Account Info menu option
  3. Click the "Change this info" button
  4. Select to Hide or Show the Mod By column.
  5. Click Save
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    Larry Davis

    I turned on this feature in the beta but it is still not showing up... Any idea what else I can do?

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    Mary Webster

    Hi Larry.  It looks like you submitted a ticket about this, and Anna helped you out.

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    Chad Smith

    i'm having the same issue as Larry... i turned it on but still can't see the feature. Some help?

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