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Attaching Files to Services

Mary Webster -

Files can be "attached" to a service. Attached files can are accessible by all Planners and any Helpers that are scheduled to serve at that service. Keep in mind, song-related files should probably be attached to the song (in your Songs Library), not directly attached to the service.  Examples of files you might attached to a service include: slides for the message, imagery to be projected on the screen before/after the service.  To attach a file to a service:

  1. Get to the service flow of the desired service

  2. Click the Folder icon in the upper right area of the service flow grid

  3. If you have not yet uploaded the file, click the "Attach file from my computer" button.  If the file has been previously uploaded (either by you, or another Planner), click the "Attach previously uploaded file" button, and use the search interface to find the file.

  4. Click Done once the file is selected or uploaded
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