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Worship Flow - Extra (Role/Person Specific) Notes

Tom Metz -

Extra Notes are a way of adding notes to worship flow elements that are specific for a person or role.  For example, you my need a set of notes for just the soundboard operator, and another set of notes for the computer/lyrics operator. To help keep these notes organized, WP allows you to add "extra notes" for each worship activity. To add extra notes:


    1. Navigate to the worship flow of the desired service


    1. Click the edit (pencil) icon of the desired worship flow element


    1. Click the Extra Notes tab

You can also simply drag a role or person over to the element and it will create an extra note.


Up to 5 extra notes can be added per worship activity.  Each "Note for" field will have a drop-down list populated with a few common roles, as well as the roles and people scheduled for that service.  If the desired name is not available in the drop-down list, simple type the desired name.

Extra notes can be printed a variety of ways. Click the Printer icon to the right of the service flow grid to see several different print formats.

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