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Tom Metz -

Each service created in WP can have one or more rehearsals scheduled to go with it. To add a rehearsal for a service:

  1. Log in to WP Home page with your security level 1 or higher account.

  2. Click on the service for which you'd like to schedule a rehearsal.

  3. Click the Add a Rehearsal link

  4. Select a Date and Start Time, and optionally, an end time, location, and notes.

  5. If you wish to notify people of this rehearsal via email, click the "Send an email with this information to people scheduled for this service" checkbox and select the people to be notified.

  6. Customize the email subject and message body

  7. Click the Done button

Multiple rehearsals can be scheduled for a service. Helpers and Planners have access to rehearsal information on the MyWP pages, if they are scheduled to serve at that service.

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    Jodi Salisbury

    Is there a way we can incorporate the "rehearsals" into the service template?  For example, we always have our rehearsal on Thursday evenings at 6pm and Sunday mornings at 9:30am.   I'd like to not have to enter these in every time if possible.  Thank you.

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    Tim Gale

    I like the new way you can schedule rehearsals as your building the service under "Create a Single Service". One thing I'd love to see is that when the person accepts the role that not only does the event show up but also the rehearsal in the Assignments Feed. 

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