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How do I Make a Payment?

Tom Metz -

To convert your trial account to regular subscription, or extend your current subscription, you can easily make a payment right in the site.  We accept credit card, PayPal, and check by mail as payments.  Simply log in to WP, hover over the Account link under your name, and click the "Make a Payment" menu option.  If that option doesn't appear in the Account menu, you might not have the right security privileges needed to make a payment. 

When your account is two weeks from expiring, you will receive an email message letting you know your expiration date is coming up.  during login that your account will be soon expiring. Reminder emails are also sent when you have just a few days left, and the day of expiration.  Most of the emails include a link directly to the payment page.

If you wish to upgrade your subscription, you can use the "Upgrade Account" link in the Account menu. You will only be charge for the prorated difference between your current plan and the upgrade plan.

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    Diana Fuentes

    Hi, my name is Diana. Currently, I am a free-trial user from Honduras. I am very pleased with Worship Planning, it is the perfect tool to organize a church services. How much is the cost of a regular suscription? Thank you. 

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    Test Person

    Hello Diana,

    I responded to you over email on this question. Please let me know if you need further information.


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