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How does the trial work?

Tom Metz -

When you first sign up for worshipplanning, your account is fully functional as if you had paid for a month of use. The specific plan (which determines the number of Planner accounts you can create) is based on which plan you select to "Try".  Our standard trial period is 30 days, and no credit card is required to start the trial.  You really just need a valid email address (which we ask you to confirm before you access your account).

If you decide to purchase a subscription, the balance of time remaining in your trial will be added on to your subscription purchase.  So, if you have 2 weeks left in your trial and you purchase the Premium plan for 1 month, your account will expiration date after the payment will be one month plus 2 weeks.

If going from Premium to a lesser plan, you must ensure you have no more Planner accounts set up than the maximum number allows.  If any more are configured, the option for the lesser plan will not be available to you.

If your trial expires before you are able to make a payment, your data is not immediately wiped away to cyber oblivion. For at least a month or so, your data will remain intact, and you can access it by purchasing a subscription plan.  If you need more time to evaluate our service, we can provide an extension to your trial.  Just give us a call or submit a support ticket with your request.

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    Gene Roberts

    Where is the promo code?

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