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Does my account come with any songs already in the songs library?

Tom Metz -

No, but we provide several tools to help get your songs library built rapidly.  During the Quick Setup guide, WP allows you to browse a list of 1500 of our "Most Popular" songs, and easily add them to your library.  The details provided with these songs include the song title, author(s) publishing label, copyright year, and usually links to the Spotify song, YouTube music video, and Amazon MP3 purchase pages.

We also have seamless integrating with SongSelect and Rockin With The Cross.  Searching and importing songs from these integrated libraries is very effortless, and you don't even have to leave the worship flow editor.

To learn more about other tools we provide to help you build your library, read the Adding Songs to Your Library article.

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    Rinda Green

    What is the cost

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    Tom Metz

    Hi Rinda.  You can see the cost on our pricing page.

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