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How do I Change My UserID?

Mary Webster -

Technically, WP doesn't support "changing" of a Planner's userID.  However, if you want to user a different userID, you could create a new Planner account to use, and deleted the old Planner account.  The drawback for this is that your assignments and memberships to teams will not follow you.  In fact, they will be deleted once the "old" planner account is deleted.

Keep in mind, your userID is rarely visible in the  The two most visible places is the page listing all Planner accounts, and the Worship Flow for a service (in the Mod By column).  The Mod By column can be hidden as per these instructions if you have the highest security level.

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    Jesse Thompson

    Why not just make it possible to change the UserID?  I set mine prior to really understanding how it would show up and would like to change it now without re-assigning all the things you've mentioned above.  I'm loving the site and think this will be a big time saver once we get all of our planners accustomed to it.  Thanks!!

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    Mary Webster

    Hi Jesse.  Sorry for the delay getting back to you on this.  The reason it isn't so easily changed in the system is due to the way was architected a number of years ago.  Updating this architecture is something we desire to do, but it would be an undertaking that would take away from our efforts to developed other more helpful functionality.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience.  We are happy to assist with transitioning to a new userid if you'd like.  Just submit a support request and we'll give you a hand.


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