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Can I convert Planners to/from Helpers?

Mary Webster -

Yes you can, if you are are security level 3.  To do so, find the person you'd like to convert on the appropriate People page (People >> Planners/Helpers), then hover on the "action/info" link in the upper right corner of the tab.  One of the menu options is "Convert...".  Click that menu option and follow the steps.

Converting a person doesn't remove them from teams or assignments.  When converting, you'll have the option to have WP notify the individual of their new login information, since as a new Helpers use an email address to log in and Planners use a user id.

If you are using the maximum number of Planner accounts permitted by your subscription level, you will not be permitted to convert Helpers to Planners.  If a Planner is a master account or team leader, you will not be permitted to convert him or her to be a Helper.

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    Lenay Marteney

    My question is what if the person serves in different capacities.  For instance - -I have a keyboard player that I would consider a helper as a schedule the band each month and identify a time for her to play.  but she also leads our choir occasionally and may need "planner" status to go in and notify choir of events rehearsals etc.  Do I set her up as BOTH, or set her up as planner -- and if I do that -- can I still use her as a helper?

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