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Can a single email address be used for different login accounts?

Mary Webster -

The short answer is YES, one email address can be used for multiple login accounts in  And depending on how you set the passwords, a single person could manage all accounts, or each account could be managed independently.

Single Person Managing Multiple Accounts

If two or more accounts have the same email address, and the password is set to be the same for all of them, then you will be prompted during the login process to select which account you wish to log into.  This is especially helpful in the following situations:

  1. You are a parent managing the accounts for your children.
  2. You serve at more than one church that uses and thus have multiple accounts just for yourself.

Multiple People Managing Their Own Accounts

If two or more people share an email address but each needs to manager their own account, then as long as the passwords are different for each account, each person will be able to log in separately (without being given the option to "select which account".


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