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The People Scheduling pages are slow to load and use. What can I do to improve performance?

Mary Webster -

We suggest using a web browser that has a fast javascript engine. We recommend FireFox ( It is the second most popular browser in the world and rapidly growing in popularity. It is generally faster than Internet Explorer and tends to be more secure. The hands-down fastest web browser in the world is Google's Chrome (

Both of these browsers are free. The newest version if Internet Explorer is considerably faster than its predecessors. If you aren't interesting in trying FireFox or Chrome, consider upgrading to the latest version of IE.

One other quick suggestion we have in terms of using the site would be to only use the "Team Scheduling" feature (which shows all future services) if you need to see all those services. If you are scheduling just for one service or one weekend, consider using the "Role Scheduling" link on Roles tab of the service (next to the Worship Flow tab). The scheduling page loads a good bit quicker if you aren't having to load dozens of services at once.

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