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Plan Worship Now!

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Plan Worship Now (PWN) is a "lite" version of the worship flow page in allowing people to plan worship services easily and quickly.  To get started, simply click the "Plan Your Worship Now!" button on the main site.  An empty service will be created for the upcoming Sunday.  Once you select a worship flow template, we recommend you take the quick guided tour of the worship flow page.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Will my worship flow created in Plan Worship Now be saved if I leave and come back?

A: Yes, if you return within a few days and you haven't cleared your browser cookies.   If you delete your cookies, change browsers/computers, or don't return to the site for a week, your plans may be gone.


Q: Is there a way to save my plans more permanently?

A: Yes!  Click the "Save Worship Flow" button at the top and create a free 30-day trial account.  Your worship flow will be saved to your new account.


Q: Can I print the worship flow I create in PWN?

A:  Yes!  Click the Print button at the top.  Your Plan Worship Now worship flow has only one print style, but with a account you have lots of printing options.


Q: Can I add my own songs?

A: Yes! Click in the title column of the worship element and type the desired song title. Plan Worship Now will try to match on one of our top 1000 songs, but if no match is found, it will place whatever title your've typed. With a trial account you can add unlimited songs and song details to customize your songs library.  You can even add songs straight from your CCLI SongSelect account.


Q: Can I add my own element types?

A: Yes! Just like songs,  click an entry in the "Element Type" column and type the element name.  With a account you can completely customize the element type names (as they appear in the Element Types panel on the left).


Q: Can I share these plans with anyone?

A: Within this lite version of you can only share plans by printing them. But with a trial account, there are a variety of ways to share the plans you create (Twitter, Facebook, email, and more!). In fact, your plans and updates will automatically be shared with volunteers every week you schedule them to serve. For more about scheduling people to serve, be sure to watch our video tutorial.


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