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Release Notes for v5.1.0.1

Tom Metz -

May, 2014- WP5.1.0.1

[otd:359] - Fix sign-up page minor issues
[otd:361] - Errors on site when no people are added - shows itself when trying to send a message and there is only one user in the system.
[otd:362] - Fix occasional issues with send assignment response emails not working. Affected the mobile site from being able to automatically accept assignments.
[otd:363] - Zendesk widgets need updating - some enhancements to the zendesk widgets now that wp50 is the main site.
[otd:364] - Worship Flow Template Elements missing - Fix an error where templates were not loading due to a js error
[otd:365] - USDFormat function missing in some payment pages.
[otd:366] - Append old style notes to worship flow elements.  When there are old style notes for an element, there will be a little link under the general note that when clicked shows a dialog with information on the change.
[otd:367] - Redirect printouts to legacy or non-legacy
[otd:368] - MyWp Login page - Fix header links, fix button label
[otd:371] - Create multiple services was not applying template notes correctly
[otd:373] - Couldn't load some worship flow templates if there were no worship elements. Now it shows a message and a link to create worship templates
[otd:374] - It was possible for message send to fail to load because of accessing an undefined variable.
[otd:375] - Fix an error where if "," is used as the search parameter on the users table it would throw an error on the backend. 
[otd:376] - Fix an error where trying to edit a pre-service element on an existing church template would not allow any of the updates to be saved to the db. Also fix problems with the old style pre-service lines messing up and being moved around by forcing the worship flow page to resave the order of elements on load if there are old style pre-service elements.
[otd:377] - Fix an error where if the user put in text into an activityNote that could would be recognized by server as just a date it would get rendered on the eventFlow page as "new Date()"
[otd:379] - In some cases the person info dialog was not opening correctly if a user had past assignments but they were not in a specified timeframe.

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