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Release Notes for v5.1.1

Mary Webster -

otd:372 - Added down to the second song duration. Now when people put in "m:ss" values for the song duration it will save it correctly instead of showing errors. When a song with a down to the second duration is added to the worship flow it uses the down to the second value.
otd:381 - Permanent fix for bug where mywp could not accept assignment responses in firefox. Temporary fix was already in place.
otd:382 - Escape songmaps in mywp event flow so if they have quotes in the lyrics they still display correctly
otd:383 - Allow horizontal scrolling in the edit user dialog so that people can access the full range of skills
otd:384 - Show linked message boards in the messages tab when viewing a service
otd:385 - Add modified by in the event flow that updates as users edit items.
otd:386 - Paginate teams in the event flow based off of what teams are worship flow sensitive instead of all of them
otd:389 - Permanent fix for bug that would keep legacy helpers from accessing the mylegacy on a mobile device. It used to always redirect back to the mobile site. There was a temporary fix for this already in place.
otd:393 - Fix a bug where if you edited a song and saved it, and then opened a new song edit dialog the save button would have a spinner.
otd:394 - Fix some dead links found by logging in, going to account > myWorshipPlanning and then selecting change my password or change notifications in the right hand side of the page.
otd:378 - Fix virtual stage printout issues. Make the graphic fit in one page and fix the blurriness. Also fix file permission issues that could keep the pdf from being blank.
otd:390 - Fix a bug that kept popping up the "Looks like youre new here" dialog on the worship template flow page.
otf:247 - Add the ability to copy elements between a service
otf:248 - Add the ability to type in a custom name in the led by field for an element of a service and have it be available as an auto-complete option for led-by fields of other elements in that service.
otf:250 - Add better error reporting to the user for the pdf setlist builder. This includes reporting specifically which pdf the setlist builder broke on and possibly why.
otf:198 - Plan Worship Now is live
otf:245 - Show more of the file name in the files tab. Zebra stripe rehearsals in mywp. Show more info about rehearsals on the home page calendar when hovered over. 
otf:215 - Update the mobile site to work with wp50 - Better support for the new style start of service. Support for showing songmaps in the event flow and if a song is clicked on with a songmap show a songmap tab alongside info and lyrics. When editing an element add down to the second durations. Show down to the second durations

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