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Release Notes for v5.0.x (and older)

Tom Metz -

This forum will be used to keep you informed on updates to  These are direct posts of internal release notes, so the "otd" and number is part of our internal tracking codes.



April, 2014- WP5.0.4

This was a big release.  A few of these features had been deployed over the past few weeks (as version 5.0.3).
otf:196 - Edit event service details inline on the eventflow page. Add templates in a grid on the event flow page and let a user select a template to apply.
otf:195 - Creating a service now creates a service automatically and then lets you edit the details inline
otf:197 - Sidebar enhancements for eventFlow page including ability to add or delete element types in the sidebar. The ability to add a new song manually, add some helpful messages for churches who have no songs, teams, or element types to guide them in what to do next. Allow integration of song select from this page.
otf:200 - Add links at top of eventFlow page to allow going to next and previous master services.
otf:219 - Show popular worship flow templates in the empty event flow view as options to use.
otf:220 - Quick tour of new eventFlow page
otf:222 - Add a bunch of helpful messages on the teams page to guide people through how to use it.
otf:223 - Update dialog message for when entering or leaving the beta
otf:208 - Update the external pages to the new design
otf:216 - Added ability to add an element as a new song both from the autocomplete and from a title that's just sitting there.
otd:331 - Fix links displayed after creating a template from a worship flow.
otd:332 - Add link on template page back to manage all templates
otd:336 - Add some spacing on the buttons on file access page. Also speed up the query.
otd:441 - Fix scrolling to the bottom of scheduling page when adding a role
otd:348 - Bring back the cancellation dialog message when removing a person from a role
otd:337 - Handle corrupted songmaps better
otd:343 - include fonts locally for my.wp on firefox
otd:345 - Fix show/hide of linked services on on schedule page
otd:348 - Fix display of notes when they are just a single number, also make sure when a role is deleted it get's deleted from worship associations


Feb 10, 2014- WP5.0.2

otf:212 - Pre-defined role field updates.
otd:300 - Better handling of serving preferences on user deletion
otd:302 - Announcements printing is now available on the event flow again
otd:303 - Links to edit a team's assignments are now available in the event flow

otd:304: dragging a user to the led by who is already associated with an event flow element will correctly populate the led by association. 

otd:308 - Fixed service details not showing at the top of the event flow

otd:309  - Fixed so &'s in song title doesn't break the event flow page.otd:310 - Play associated audio and play spotify audio are back in the actions menu



Feb 3, 2014- WP5.0.1

otf:203 - Logging more assignment data for future functionality
otf:204 - Display partnership logo even if partnership user isn't logging in to partnership URL
otf:207 - Allow global messages to have conditions for viewing
otf:211 - Add a calendar view option to the services menu drop down
otd:297 - Fix not being able to add new communication methods
otd:298 - Fix some menus that have content to wide for them. Fix to show teams accordion item by default on rolesAndAssignments.cfm
otd:299 - Fix setlist builder not working on mybeta.
otd:301 - Fix serving preference controls not working in cases where a lower level user is the leader of multiple teams.


Jan 30, 2014- WP5.0 Beta 2.4

otd:296 - Fix javascript date/timezone issues
otd:290 - Improve the eventFlow page for touch devices

Jan 29, 2014- WP5.0 Beta 2.3

otd:285 - Fix to show linked service times on the master service on the eventFlow page.
otd:293 - Fix scheduling page where dropping people on assignments on services loaded after clicking next would fail to work
otd:292 - Fix where teams with no roles would not show up on the scheduling page
otd:291 - Fix instances where church logos would not display


Jan 24, 2014- WP5.0 Beta 2.0, 2.1, 2.2

otd:283 - Fix "Next >>" to load more services link not working in people scheduling
otd:284 - Update send a message link in the worship flow actions menu.
otd:286 - Fix file uploads on the eventFlow page. Also update file upload icons to fontawesome icons.
otd:287 - Fix buttons not working on clean printouts when going to export.


Jan 22, 2014- WP5.0 Beta 1.11

otd:279 - Fix a typo in some error handling code that would fail if there was an error updating a worship flow template element.
otd:280 - Fix some errors on the pdf that gets generated by the clean printout for printing
otd:253 - Change the worship flow template popup on the add service page to match the popup of the service worship flow that shows in other various places.
otd:282 - Remove retired songs in list by default. Changed out something on the editsong dialog for fontawesome.


Jan 21, 2014- WP5.0 Beta 1.10

otd:264 - If a person goes to the eventFlow page and there is not a valid service id, it first checks to see if there is an upcoming service and if there is shows them that, if not it takes them to the add service page
otd:272 - Fix another place were rehearsals were broken because of the endTime coming back in an unexpected format.
otd:199 - Fix issues with pagination and filtering where the controls would stop working and the page would need to be reloaded.
otd:273 - Update some more old icons to fontawesome
otd:252 - Fix an error with syncing via songselect on the eventFlow page
otd:276 - Fix an error where the delete service page would load
otd:274 - Fix an error where printouts for services with no worship flow would crash
otd:277 - Fix the pdf generated for printing by the clean prinout to display the correct columns
otf:278 - Remove non-integer numbers from side of charts on user assignments and song usage
otf:202 - Tweak for automatic concatenation of templates when deploying


Jan 17, 2014- WP5.0 Beta 1.9 

otd:265 Fix where sometimes on the eventFlow page it would try to save changes to a model when no values where changed and it would throw an error.
otd:267 Fix when going to import helpers csv would crash if there was no HelpersImport.csv in the files library. Now it shows a more helpful error message.
otd:269 Fix where sometimes updating the default role of a team member in the team details would fail.
otd:270 Fix where if there is only ONE security level 3 user at the church, it will throw an error on the general info editing.
otd:268 Address an issue where a song could have been deleted but a person with a page open with that song on it before it was deleted would try to view the song and it would return an error. Now it returns a helpful message.
[otd:266] Tweak how song filtering works on the eventFlow page to make it so that if some one types in 2 different words it only returns results that have both words instead of results that have either word.


Jan 16, 2014- WP5.0 Beta 1.8

otd:212 - Fixes for the worshipflow page in ie8
If a user gets on the worshipflow page with no eventid send them to the create a service page.
When in setlist view, durations are now not being populated with the song's default duration.
Addresses error when updating elements without also submitting a duration (happened when updating song on an element). 
Fixes printout issue showing wrong times for pre-5.0 services.
Fixes issue with editing service details not returning to worship flow after edit.
When users link to the worship flow printout page, they are redirected to the WP5.0 version if it is enabled for their church.


Jan 15, 2014- WP5.0 Beta 1.7

otf:199 - Added setlist view to worship flow for services.  For templates, still only full view and short view
Fixed applying a worship flow template to a service, it now correctly forwards on to the service that the template was applied to
Changed mywp to now look for if a user is logged into mywp, rather than is a helper, to decide what the header links will point to
Fixed error where user typing into the led by or association "for" area when editing a template would cause an error
a few fixes and changes for fontawesome 4 upgrade
otf:190 - what's new slider with better styling
otd:254 - fixed issue where sometimes default rehearsal would crash
otd:260 - fix roles printout not working in certain login situations
otd:261 - fix send notification button not showing up on info dialog of a user while on people scheduling page when it is the users' team leader who is looking at the user 
otd:259 - on the teamsDetails.cfm#templates page make all users be the default view. Also allow a user to be removed from a role.
otd:258 - Fix where when a team template was added to the schedule it would treat (no person) as a person and trigger an error when trying to get the substitutes for the assignment because it was trying to get the user info for a no person.
otd:256 - Fix css issues in firefox with the teamDetails.cfm page
otd:257 - Fix a low security level team leader not being able to accept/decline serving preferences of users. Also fix where dragging someone into the team would always create a new record instead of dropping them into the record already there.


Jan 3, 2014- WP5.0 Beta 1.6

otd:248 A a scrollbar in the services dropdown if there are a large number of services so that it never goes off the screen and the user can just scroll down.

otd:220 Add (back) the ability to email a team from within the event flow page. It adds a mail icon to the team name in the sidebar.
otd:224 Make the only teams that show up in the eventflow team section teams that are worshipflow sensitive.
otd:234 Fix mybeta not showing fontawesome icons in firefox. This was because of a cross domain request.
otd:216, otd:251, otd:249 Updates all of the printouts to be using the new eventFlow stuff. Fix the sign-in sheet not showing the correct teams for the everyone view. Update the flow and assignments printout to show an expanded view select box and when those people or teams are selected show the relevant notes in the printout.


Dec 27, 2013- WP5.0 Beta 1.4 and 1.5

otd:250 - The advanced search in the worship flow page would fail if you entered in just spaces. 
otd:246 - Fix users not being able to detach files from a worship flow element.



Dec 23, 2013- WP5.0 Beta 1.3

otd:241 - When on the users page the search field wasn't working.
otd:242 - When creating/editing a rehearsal the dropdown to select what team you want to send an email to would silently fail if the user selected choose team.
otd:240 - When a user who did not have permission to view any songbooks visited the worship flow page it would silently trigger an error and in the songbooks tab instead of showing them the WP top songs songbook it would show them no songbooks.
otd:247 - Brings the newer style zendesk authentication over from the main site.


Dec 20, 2013- WP5.0 Beta 1.2

otd:237 keep a songmap model from trying to initiate if there is no song id passed along to it
otd:239 Pages under peoples tab wasn't working for some users, this fixes it. It was specific to people who managed multiple teams
otd:238 some customers were having problems viewing the people details info dialog. It was failing because of a typo in the user model on the canEditUser
otd:243 Make sure a variable is initialized before we run an if statement on it.


Dec 18, 2013- WP5.0 Beta 1.1

otd 228 - Get the word and pdf exports working with the new associations
otd 229 - Worship model was trying to access new style duration field on pre-wp50 service element
otd 230 - Fix mybeta where worship tab wouldn't work sometimes with rehearsals
otd 231 - Fix manually clearing the search field on users.cfm (not using the x) would cause an error
otd 232 - Fix where substitute dialog box wasn't opening on the roles page because of dom changes
otd 216 - Fix font size changing when moving between printout views


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