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Release Notes for v5.1.2

Tom Metz -

Version 5.1.2 was deployed live early morning Tuesday, August 12, 2014.  It contained the following updates:


otf:242 - Replace the MyWP logo with the regular WP logo
otf:236 - Make flyout support pages now have consistent look and feel of WP5
otf:241 - Update payment page now have consistent look and feel of WP5
otd:395 - Fixed issue where "previous" and "next" master service links not working properly sometimes
otd:396 - Associations missing from template created from service
otd:398 - Fixed issue with full site navigation menus not working right in portrait mode in iOS
otd:399 - Improved how import helpers process works (from import file)
otd:404 - Resolved issue with upcoming services sometimes has a past service in menu
otd:405 - Fixed sorting of  PDF setlist by song order instead of alphabetically
otd:408 - Fixed problem that would alter the worship flow order, depending on importing 
otd:409 - Change how pdf's are put in the setlist builder email to better with with iOS email clients.
otd:411 - Have a link service keep the associations when it is unlinked
otd:414 - Fix setlist prinout from sometimes showing "false" where minor should display, if the key is not a minor key
otd:417 - When copying an entire service (under the actions menu) copy the associations over also

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