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Release Notes for v5.1.3

Tom Metz -

Stuff we added:

otd:401 - Top songs list now allows the "all" selection to search for more than a 1 year range

otf:260 - Change the worship flow page to show a loading message until the worship collection is fetched, that way users don't see a "no worship flow yet" message if they do have a worship flow.
otf:214 - Add custom meta-data to services
otf:256 - Switch old style responsible(x)/note(x) fields to use new free title text associations. Now those older style notes get pulled into the new style associations and work like the new ones.
otf:255 - Add playlists to mobile site
otf:259 - Changes to the welcome emails sent out
otf:251 - Add smart sorting to the songs area in the worship flow


Stuff we fixed:

otd:418 - Better handling of a possible error that would happen when updating a team assignment's default role.
otd:420 - Better handling of a possible error that would happen when inserting a new role assignment
otd:424 - Make sure the csv uploaded for the import helpers has the required fields
otd:426 - Don't allow double clicking of the "use this template" button on the worship flow
otd:427 - Remove extra blank space between assignees name and "subs" link
otd:429 - Fix the teams link in the mywp sidebar when accessing myWP through the menu via Account > MyWorshipPlanning
otd:430 - Fix a possible error when creating worship templates from flows that have null duration fields
otd:434 - Make the parsing of lyrics in songmaps more robust
otd:415 - Fix an error where adding a linked service would change the displayed start time for the master service. Also remove unsaved linked services if the user clicks cancel.
otd:416 - Remove the edit song button the song info dialog in mywp.
otd:417 - Fix an error where copying a service with associations would not copy the associations over.
otd:423 - Remove [object Object] from the song name in the new song dialog when adding a song manually.
otd:432 - Fix a UI error that was presenting when the user was using a magic mouse
otd:436 - Fix "none" showing for duration in printouts when the worship element had the older style estimateDuration set but not the newer style duration set.
otd:425 - Fix an error where removing a user from an assignment on the scheduling page would show the email user dialog no matter what the user's response was.

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