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Release notes for 5.2a

Test Person -

otd:531 - Fixes an error when viewing printout2.cfm when the churchID is in the url and not in the session.
otd:532 - Fixes an error with serviceFiles when there are no songs in a service but possibly when there are files.
otd:536 - Fix some typos.
otd:537 - Fix the song filter input not searching when enter is pressed
otd:538 - Move the tooltip that shows in the menu calendar when hovering over a service to the right so that the menu stays open.
otd:539 - Fix international sms numbers not getting saved correctly causing their texts not to be sent
otd:540 - Fix wrong names showing the modified by column when a user has the same username as an existing user of an expired church.
otd:541 - Fix an error where a login redirect would sometimes not work correctly.
otd:542 - Fix a missing variable in the pdf export of the standard printout.
otd:543 - Fix an error when going to the roles printout when the churchID is in the url and not in the session.
otd:544 - Add back a needed missing method to user.cfc.
otd:547 - Fix an error where we were trying to compare the wrong property of a model to a string.
otd:549 - Add line breaks to association notes in the standard printouts.
otd:533 - Fix applyWorshipTemplate service menu to narrow
otd:534 - Fix showing the wrong skills in the person dialog. Also add ability to clear out skills all of the way on a user.
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