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Release Notes for 5.2

Test Person -

otf:303 - Add a "move" button to the copy worship dialog
otf:305 - Enhance CSV helper upload
otf:301 - Error reporting enhancements
otf:302 - Long file names truncating/ellipsizing
otf:304 - Progress indicator on sendAMessage.cfm
otd:488 - Payment Pages Errors
otd:491 - No matching Method/Function for Array.recordHistoryUpdate(numeric) found
otd:492 - SQL error when getting element associations
otd:493 - Top Songs error with blank search term
otd:494 - variable [VARAIBLES] doesn't exist in template
otd:495 - Unlink service issue
otd:496 - Substitute Suggestion Errors
otd:497 - Spelling/copy errors (non-critical)
otd:498 - Update songmap errors
otd:499 - Slow query on assignmentDetails.html.cfm
otd:500 - Concatenatesongsheets errors
otd:504 - Firefox: eventFlow: After dragging things from people tab, back button shifts up
otd:505 - Calendar in services menu date issues
otd:506 - CCLI reporting for file downloads/streams
otd:507 - Link to discussion not working
otd:511 - Upcoming Services not showing current service
otd:512 - Names not showing on defaultRoles.cfm and printouts
otd:515 - Invalid dates in postRehearsal.cfm
otd:516 - Unable to save service preferences in Safari
otd:517 - variable [SERVICEFILES] doesn't exist in template /htmlRequests/service/attachedFiles.html.cfm
otd:518 - Can't cast Object type [Number] to a value of type [querycolumn] in template user.cfc
otd:520 - Allow .church domains
otd:521 - No matching function [FORMATFORJSONVALUE] found creating template element
otd:522 - href lacking https:// in some my.wp emails
otd:524 - can't cast [{ts] string to a number value
otd:525 - No matching function member [getFiles]
otd:526 - gotoService when a session is expired
otd:527 - key [ASSIGNMENTID] doesn't exist
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