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Release Notes 5.2b

Test Person -

  • otd 535 - Locations with single quotes now will save in the cookie and display correctly 
  • otd 552 - Worship flow individual file associations - Adjusted css so names wouldn’t get cut off and so files wouldn’t run into the next worship element
  • otd 553 - When creating a worship flow template from a worship flow, extra "blank" notes would get created, 
  • otd 554 - Changing start time of the service in the worship now automatically updates the times in the worship flow, before you had to refresh the page
  • otd 555 - Scrolling and on page load, team scheduling service headers now should stick in the right spot
  • otd 556 - Spinner now is removed from the "send" button on team scheduling page
  • otd 559 - Clicking the pencil in the manage all services page now will actually bring the user to a place where they can edit the service details
  • otd 564 - Fixed an issue where assignments in printouts were not grouping according to teams
  • otd 571 - Can not add a mobile number in mywp again.  Somehow this didn’t get rolled in as it was fixed before, but never made its way to a release.
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