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Release Notes 5.2.1

Test Person -

 * AXOF 320 - Ability to pull for specified template church as signup
 * AXOD 576 - Added maxlength to worship flow elements so people wouldn't be able to input more than the actual field could hold on the database and have it silently truncate and
 * AXOD 577 - Made previously sent messages update to the latest sent version, not the first sent version
 * AXOD 579 - Fix a problem with copying services and rehearsals getting (re)moved.  Rehearsals can now also be copied as well.
 * AXOD 581 - Update facebook share parameters so that it will show a nice WP image in facebook and actuall get service date/time details pulled in correctly again
 * AXOD 585 - Fixed an issue with iOS 9 zooming way in on cetain pages
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