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Finding a Substitute

Day Dosch - can help team leaders find substitutes for assignments that have been declined.

First the team leaders will need to make sure the team settings allow team members to find substitutions:

For the team leader, when a person's assignment status is Decline there will appear a "subs" link under their name on the page where assignments are made. When this link is clicked, WP will open a window showing a list of available team members that are probably candidates for replacements. This list is also found in any Decline emails that are sent to team leaders as a part of assignment response notification emails. You can also find a list of qualified people to fill an empty role by clicking on the "No Person" link next to the role name that is scheduled for the service.

For the team member that declines an assignment, they will be able to click to find a substitute (see below for how the list is generated). They can choose one or several. Each person checked will receive a request to substitute for this assignment. The first person who accepts the assignment will be put on the schedule with the appropriate status of accepted.

The list of substitutes is generated based on several factors, such as: availability, if the person has served in that role before, if the person has that as their default role, and if the person has that listed as a skill. Using these factors, WP scores each team member and lists them, starting with the most qualified (according to the scores).

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