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Serving Availability and Preference

Day Dosch -

Each Planner and Helper has the ability to mark days/times as "unavailable to serve" and "prefer to serve" in MyWP. If you indicate you are unavailable, team leaders will not be able to schedule you for the specific date/time.  When indicating you have a serving preference, team leaders will see your preference and decide whether or not to schedule as you have indicated.  If your team leader has not enabled the "Serving Preference" for your team, you will not see this option in the instructions below.  To change your availability/preference: 

  1. Login to MyWP (
  2. Click the Calendar icon in the right-hand panel
  3. If necessary, change the calendar month to show the appropriate day(s)
  4. Click calendar day you wish to change your availability/preference (must be a date in the future)
  5. Use the check boxes and date/time fields to adjust your availability/preferences
  6. Click the "Save" button

For a 1 minute video demonstration of this feature, watch the Serving Preference Video Tutorial.

Team Leaders

The availability and preferences of your team members will appear right on the page where you schedule people to serve.  A calendar view of all team member availabilities can be found by going to your team details and clicking on the "Availability" tab.  You can then change a person's availability for them by clicking on their name in that tab. Leaders can also change a person's availability by going to People>>Availability, and typing in the name of the person you want to change.

Remember, the Serving Preference feature must be enabled for your team (Settings tab in your Team Details).

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