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Release 5.4.1

Test Person -

The following updates were made in this release of

  1. AXOF:381 - Email Validation - we closed a few loop holes that would allow illegally formatted characters to be specified as an email address for a user.
  2. AXOF:380 - URL Shortening - has been replaced by Twilio as our URL shortener.  We are shortening URLs for SMS notifications, and our dependence on would sometimes cause delays in sending messages.  Twilio (our SMS service provider) has an inline process for shortening URLs, and we are now using that instead.
  3. AXOF: 393 - Spotify Links on Public Pages - The public pages for the worship flow and song books previously would not show the Spotify URL for songs, if there was one.  Now, it does (if the church has the "Enable Spotify links" setting turned on.
  4. AXOD:632 - Locations on Create A Series Page - The options showing up in locations dropdown were not complete.  And the team role templates were not reacting to the locations (to disable templates for teams not associated with that location).
  5. AXOD: 633 - Role Assignment to Files - There was an issue with roles not be correctly assigned to files.  That has been fixed.
  6. AXOD: 631 - Facebook Notifications - In some cases, Facebook notifications were not being properly sent to the user.  That has been resolved.
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