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Creating Team Templates for Scheduling

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Team templates are useful for creating a group of standard roles that are used week after week for a team. You can even add a specific person to a team template in situations where that person serves in that role on a regular basis. Team Templates are set up on the team management pages. From the People Scheduling page, you can access those pages from the left column by clicking on the team name, and then the arrow that is displayed to the right of the team name. 

Creating a Team Template: To create a new team template, simply click the green button “Create a new team role template…”, and give your template a name and a description if you choose. Then drag from the roles/people added to your team onto the new template. If you haven’t created any roles, click on the arrow next to your team name, and navigate to “Team Roles”. Click on “Create a New Role” and following the prompts.

Scheduling with a Team Template: Back on the People Scheduling Page, you can use your team template to schedule a group of assignments at once. Drag and drop the appropriate team template (shown in green in the left column) and drop into the service.

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