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Mobile Web App Updates - Nov 2016

Tom Metz -

As we continue to work on the native mobile app, we wanted to share with you a few recent updates to the mobile web app.

Searching Songs

Planners and Helpers that have permission to access to the songs library now have a new option on the "Songs" page.  The "Search" feature lets you key in a few letters, and music with matching titles will display.  Any search result item can be touched to view the details of the song.



Self Sign-up

With the v5.4.3 update, we added the ability for team members to sign themselves up for available serving roles (read more about it on the blog post).  We also added the ability to do this in the mobile web app via the "Sign-up to Serve" menu option on the main page.  It's important to note that this option will only show if the user is a member of one (or more teams) that have "Self Sign-up" enabled (on the Team Settings page).



"Installing" on Your Device

One of the complaints we hear about the mobile web app is that folks have to go through many steps to open Safari, thumb in the web address, and then enter the login credentials...every time they want to log in.  What many folks don't know is that for iOS and Android devices, the mobile web app can be "Installed" (so to speak) to run just like a native mobile app.  It's easy to do, and doing so means with the touch of a single icon on your device's desktop, the mobile web app will launch and work just like a native app.  To help you get set up, we've added a menu item that will provide the 2-step instructions on what to do.  Note that this menu option may not show if you're already running the mobile web app from a desktop icon.

The first time you launch the mobile web app from the desktop, you'll need to login. Just be sure the "keep me logged in" option is checked (it should be by default).  We've recently updated the logic a little to keep you logged in longer on your mobile device.

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