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Releases 5.5.x.x -

Tom Metz -

Despite the lack of articles publicizing the release notes, we've been busy with continuously updating  This article is to serve as a "catch-up" with to our big release.  Everything listed here were in release 5.5.0,,,,,,,,,,, 5.5.5, and

  • Replace use of URL shortener with custom WorshipPlanning short URLs
  • Address issue with location setting on people scheduling pages
  • New "Dividers" functionality in worship flow (details)
  • Fix issue caused by spaces in email addresses
  • Fix issue with public links getting copied when service is copied (they shouldn't be copied)
  • Move the "print" options for a worship flow to its own tab
  • Fix issue with songbook not showing if owner has been deleted
  • Fix typo in placeholder text of reminder email
  • Change "Full Details" printout option to show lyrics only in song mapping configuration (if specified)
  • Fix issue with default worship flow templates that have dividers
  • Change People Scheduling page to not show by default services occurring in the past 24 hours.  Now that we have the ability to "Load Past Services", this isn't necessary.
  • Improve the logic to pick which team to show on the Roles tab (of a service)
  • Greatly improve the look of the My Info page encountered when new users log in for the first time
  • Add integration with Church Community Builder (details)
  • Fix Spotify Playlist issue
  • Fix issue encountered by certain Helpers integrated with Proclaim
  • Fix issue with worship flow tabs not showing on iPad (when viewing "full site)
  • Add integration with Rockin With The Cross
  • Add Song Arrangements functionality (details)
  • Fix issue where song element could change to a divider unexpectedly


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