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Tom Metz -

This release was deployed on May 15, 2018 (though a few mobile-related items were released earlier).  Here's what was in the release:

  • For auto-reminder emails, add logic to set "from" address to be the person that scheduled the assignment, if possible.
  • Add link to SMS texts that will show the entire message sent via "Send a message"
  • Update song import and export process to accommodate Arrangements and format of other online planning service.
  • Ability to see element and role-specific notes on mobile web app
  • Display rehearsal information to mobile web app
  • Add ability to block out dates of serving availability (add, edit, delete) through the mobile web app
  • Add logging of file access through mobile web app
  • Update jQuery to version 3.x for PCI compliance
  • Add work-around for situations where processing credit cards for auto-renewal is delayed by the credit card processor.
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