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Deleting Your Church's Account

Mary Webster - automatically purges church accounts from our system two different ways.  It is actually a GDPR requirement that we do so (and is discussed in our Privacy Policy).

Aged-Out Accounts

Church accounts that are more than 6 months expired are automatically purged from our system.  We have a process that runs daily, looking for these "aged-out" accounts and removing most of the data associated with them (including all uploaded files).  Some of the data is kept for internal, executive reporting purposes used to govern future functionality, resource planning, and marketing strategies.  However, we delete all personal data about Helpers and Planners, including names, email addresses, phone numbers, and everything else associated with Helper and Planner accounts.

Self-Initiated Account Deletion

If you wish to delete your account before it has time to age out, or you want to prevent the non-personal data of your expired account from being a part of our planning and strategizing reports, you may initiate a request to more promptly delete of your church's account.  This will notify our system to delete all data associated with your church's account within a 48 hour period.  This can only be performed by the Master Account for your church.  To initiate this request:

  1. Log in as the Master Account (if your account is expired, contact our support team via a support request)
  2. Navigate to Account >> Subscription/Billing
  3. Click the "Delete Church Account" button
  4. Confirm you action by entering your password again.

If successful, you will be logged out immediately and your account will be set for complete deletion within 48 hours.  During the time of this "pending deletion" state, you and other account users of our church account will not be able to log in.  However, anyone that is already logged in may still have access to the account until they log out, or their session times out, or the account is full deleted (within 48 hours).

Deleted accounts cannot be recovered, so be absolutely certain you wish to delete your church's entire account before following the steps above.

Because our services is provided as a "pre-pay" service, refunds (in part or in whole) are not provided for churches that are self-deleted.  If your account is configured to auto-renew (via credit card payment), that auto-renewal is canceled and you will not be charged.




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