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LifeWay Worship Integration

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LifeWay Worship is a fantastic resource with thousands of popular worship songs, including a full array of assets from instrumental parts to accompaniment tracks and media.  By creating a free account in, you can search, purchase, and download song assets to help you and your team prepare for worship.  And with LifeWay's integration into, it is even easier to get the music into your worship flow, and into the hands of your musicians.

Here's how to take advantage of this seamless integration:

  1. Login to (or create) your LWW account at
  2. Search and purchase musical assets you need for upcoming worship services.
  3. Go to your library in LWW (navigation link in the upper right area).
  4. Click the "Add Connection" button and select "Connect" for
  5. Enter your WorshipPlanning login credentials.  Note that if your login account does not have permission to create songs in, it will not be able to import songs from LifeWay Worship.
  6. Once your account has been integrated, find the song(s) in your library that you'd like to transfer, expand the song, and choose "Send to" to add it to your song library.
  7. The sending process may take a few moments, depending on the number of assets to be sent.

When WorshipPlanning receives the song, it will either create a new song in your library if it doesn't exist, or it will create a new arrangement within an existing song in your library.  Check the "Files" tab for the new song/arrangement, and you should see the files that have been sent over.

For each file sent over, you may want to designate the role to which the file pertains.  For example, if one of the files is the sheet music for bass guitar, you can specify that in WorshipPlanning, thus making it easier for your bassist to find the music he or she needs.  Check out our support article on how to do this.




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