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Does Integrate with ProPresenter?

Tom Metz -

The answer is that it very well could, but work still has to be done on ProPresenter's side. Our development team has made most (if not all) updates needed for ProPresenter to hook into our service.  Other programs like Proclaim church presentation software and OnSong are already using the "APIs" that we've created, in a way very similar to how ProPresenter could use them.

At this point, it's really up to the folks at Renewed Vision (the makers of ProPresenter) to do the development work needed for the integration.  But you can help them make this a priority!

What You Can Do To Help

Below is a link to the support center for ProPresenter.  If you'd like for them to integrate with, submit a ticket and let them know.

And if you feel inclined, you're welcome to post a comment to share whatever response you got back from them.

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    Betty Atkins

    I submitted a ticket today! I will share whatever information I’m given.

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    Betty Atkins

    I did receive a response stating that the representative did not know of any immediate plans for this, but would pass on the feature request.

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