How do I send a message to team members serving this weekend?

To send a message to team members scheduled for a specific service, simply follow these steps:

  1. Login to WP with your Planner account
  2. On the Home page, click the "schedule" link next to the desired team in your My Teams panel
  3. Click the "Send Notification Email..." button in the upper right area of the people scheduling page.
  4. In the Send Notifications window, use the left side to determine which serving team is to be notified.  Be sure to remember to adjust the assignment status setting above the list of teams.  There is a option to send to "All Statuses" that will result in the message to going to everyone, regardless of their assignment status.
  5. Adjust the message subject and body on the right side.
  6. Click the "Send Email" button.

Keep in mind, people that have configured SMS Text numbers on their account will receive the notification via that channel as well.


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